My name is Frosina Jankovska

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Frosina Jankovska -

Why did I create this video for you?

I wanted to show you something really important...

  • 1) The purpose of this video is to show you what keywords your competitors are ranking for. We research your competitors in front of you for FREE.
  • 2) We research what keywords your competitors are using to capture their business.
  • 3) How many organic keywords are you ranking on Google?
  • 4) A business on the 1st of Google, what and how many keywords are they ranking for?
  • 5) Why is it that they are on the 1st page of Google and you are not?
  • 6) We can research all your competitors.
  • 7) We add all their keywords to your website and you capture all the keyword traffic.
  • 8) The more keywords, the more traffic, and the more business you can capture from Google.

Who are We?

We are based out of Sugar Land, Texas

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Kresnier Jeffrey Perez

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Frosina Jankovska -

Frosina Jankovska

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Simona Koleva

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